Direct offline Processing Gain more cumbersome in C12 or is it just me?

I upgraded from Cubase 9 to 12 and I feel the direct offline processing of gain is less user friendly than previous versions of Cubase. Does anyone have an opinion?
Firstly, the screen to use it is big with wasted space and I am unable to adjust the size of that screen,

Secondly, I think the older version required a button to be pushed that allowed the gain change to occur instead of using a wheel or inputting a db number in. So I could, for example, put in increments of minus 1db until I found the level I was happy with - each time then pressing the button to process and view the change as well as hear the change. Now I need to put the cursor in the small space press enter and sometimes I don’t even notice a change. hmm this is not well explained.
In this next screen shot I have tried to show some of what is happening. I have adjusted one sound wave but moved to the second, putting in a db number directly in has not caused a change, so I have used the wheel. Trying to get to -4db I have accidently stopped at -5db and then asked if the new version should only apply to the selected region etc Although happy to be asked it has slowed the process a bit. Then when I do get to the -db I want it has for some reason default changed the first are I was working on and not the second that I wished to change.

Maybe you should read the manual first?
You can disable auto apply. It is hidden in your screenshot.

thanks for the reply st10ss.
It is usually me missing something simple. I did check out the manual here

but it didn’t seem to say much. Again - I am probably just missing something. However, this is my 5th version of Cubase.
I went looking for the ‘disable auto apply’ after you mentioned it (sounds good) but I couldn’t find it. I am still searching the manual and internet for this. If you could point me in the right direction as to where I can disable auto apply I would appreciate it.

We talk about Cubase 12 Pro?

I just realised this second that it is in Cubase 12 Pro. I have Artist. I am not sure that option is available in Artist

That’s why I ask about it.

I have deleted Cubase 9 from my computer, but I think it was more like this. I found this image by searching for it.
I would select the event or sound wave section I wanted to change the gain on, adjust up or down, then Process. Simple.

I know what it was. But it’s new now and would not change in the near future.

There are still more possible ways to apply gain to an audio event.
Clip gain, pre-gain in the channel strip, DOP.