Direct Offline Processing in Channel Settings Window and Mixer window

What about an offline section in the Channel Setting window or/and mixer, on the insert effects row?

It would be nice to have an own section in the Insert row for offline effects, then you could either apply these insert effects to selected events, or to every events in the track via dedicated buttons.
This could be either IN the insert row, or in an another expandable row in the channel setting or mixer window.
Then we could choose to enable plugin, use the CPU resource, make change, and set the effect offline again unloading it from the CPU.

Hitting F7 and change parameters without hearing in real time is not intuitive.
As more and more effects is very CPU heavy these days, this could be a game changer for using heavy plugins with much Antialiasing to get high quality sound.

I am thinking of Acustica Audio plugins as a good example here.

For the workflow you described, it would be best to utilize Channel Freeze function. Direct Offline processing is designed for individual events, not tracks.

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Unfortunately I do not agree on your answer, and for me that is okay.

My reason is that if you freeze it, you cannot edit more insert effects, you have to unfreeze the whole track first.

One example is, if you only want to apply analogue summing or preamp effects, and maybe do some Suppressor and a De-Harsher effects on multiple tracks before you “start the mixing process”, this could take unnecessary much CPU resources. This way you could free up so much resources and get a even better result on your mixing without always argue with your CPU.

I know that you can Bounce and Render in place and all of that, but this is about making the Offline Processsing better and more available.

I don’t see why the Direct Offline Processing should be hidden this much.
The idea here is only to make it more accessible, and not reinvent the wheel.