Direct Offline Processing (multiple event fx)

I Tried Cubase 12 , but direct offline processing event base does not work and cannot do it as multiple event fx waiting for this feature to be developed. reaper has this feature, samplitude also has it. but While I am producing, I want to do sound design during the arrangement.I don’t want to export the audios and make them on another daw. Therefore, I will wait for this feature, I will maintain my belief that it will come one day whether it is V13 or V14

It just works on my system…

works but, Can’t fx for each clip separately on Track

Don’t understand what you mean… explain it please…

For example, I have 4audio region on Track and I just want to give effect to the audio part in the green square with direct offline processing, but when i do this, this effect is applied to all other audio clips ,
I can’t fx them all one by one

As you first used the DOP, there was a dialogue that asked you what should happen to the audio that you applied the FX to.
There, you selected “Continue” and “Don’t ask again”.
To reset this setting

You can set it to “Create New Version”

no it has nothing to do with it

after turning on effects, i can’t do fx automations inside DOP fx automation (not track fx automation)

This is exactly what happens… when you set it to apply to the whole clip…

The DOP applies to the selected event only, if your settings are right…

Well, no, why you want that? DOP is made for different use cases…
Maybe you don’t understand, what it is doing. It applies an audio process to an audio event. That’s it.

always fx intensity in computer game music and I am very busy with sound design.
samplitude object editor with fx automation capability, I want to see this feature in cubase thank you