Direct Offline Processing - No way to see selected ranges or change them (and other bugs)

So… yeah. I’ve always struggled with the mental model of the Direct Offline Processing feature, and tonight I really wanted it to work… badly. And I gave in and recorded a little video demonstrating the issue. Basically, once I apply direct offline processing to a selected range (or clip, for that matter), there’s no way to either edit or even SEE what the range or clip is! No visual feedback whatsoever as to what the process/plugin is applying to. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right too… read the relevant sections of the manual and searched the net a couple times. So, if this is the case, this is a big fat bug (lack of feature?) that needs fixing. Cubase 12 Pro. Save me!

Here’s a video with commentary:

  • Sean

Sadly, this lack of feature persists in Cubase Pro 13.0.40

Once you select a particular range-restricted process/plugin in the DOP window, the associated range should be selected as well. That would be the expected behavior, I would say.