Direct Offline Processing not working with Izotope RX 7 connect [Solved]

This works OK on my Mac/Hack:
Select a clip
Choose Direct Offline Processing(Audio menu)
Click + plug-in
Choose RX7 connect
Hit Apply(to the top right of the DOP window)
RX7 opens
Do your edit
Hit Send Back in RX7(Top of the RX7 window)
Back in Cubase, hit Apply(to the top right of the DOP window) again

Undo works also.

This was a bit of a hit and miss before(with some version of Cubase Pro 9.x and RX6) , but works OK once more.

Quite a relief, I often use RX to clean up recorded takes before mixing, so being able to hop back and forth relatively easy is great for my workflow.

Thanks @zipb - this method works ok for me.

Because I’ve been using RX for ages I was always pressing one of the options before hitting ‘Apply’ in that 5th step above and that still causes it to break.

Strictly following this seems to work.

Switch back to 32-bit processing instead of 64-bit. Then RX Connect will work like it should. RX doesn’t like the 64-bit audio engine in C10.0.30.
That could be the diff between 9.5 and 10. I also couldn’t use SpectraLab Pro 6 without switching back.

Having said that, I cannot get the RX Monitor to work. doesn’t work having “RX Monitor” as the audio driver. I can play back fine in RX using my ASIO driver.

Hello everyone,
is there information if the RX7 Connect functionality (to send and receive audio files to RX7) is working in CUBASE ARTIST 10?
I’m on a Windows 10 pc.

I read above that it’s now working ok in PRO 10.0.10,
is it also for Artist 10?
I’m thinking of buying RX standard 7, and want to know if i will be able to do this.

thanks in advance

Le traitement horsbligne direct est perdu dans la derniere version de nuendo 12 pro. 12.0.70
Le traitement se passe bien , mais rendre permanent le traitement annule celui-ci.
J’ai testé acon extract dialogue ou debird et à chaque fois meme problème.

Direct offline processing is lost in the latest version of nuendo 12 pro. 12.0.70
The treatment is going well, but making the treatment permanent cancels it.
I tested acon extract dialogue or debird and each time same problem.

Hi, RX 7 connect is working here in Cubase 12.0.70 and Windows 11, but I don’t have Nuendo.


acon extract dialog works. but if I want to use it offline with validation of direct offline processing, it does not work normally. if the plugin does the job well using offline processing, the permanent validation cancels the processing done a few seconds before, which was correct.