Direct offline processing - Nuendo 12 - possible issue?

One thing I’m noticing that I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing with Direct offline processing in Nuendo 12. When I use the selection tool to apply 2 different direct offline processing effects to the same event, deleting the 2nd processed selection does not seem to remove the effect. The first slot seems to act as it should and removes the 1st effect when deleted, but deleting from the bottom up doesn’t seem to do anything. I used distortion in this example to clearly show the difference in the selections, not sure if I’m missing something (note: when moving the 2nd effect to the first position and deleting it, only half of the effect is removed):

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That’s odd - I just did the exact same process using and DaTube and Distroyer and it is behaving normally for me.

Hopefully someone else can provide some insight because I’m really not sure here

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What happens if you add a third effect? Does this also cause problems when it is removed?

Confirming that adding a third effect has the same issue. It appears no matter how many slots I add after the first effect, only removing the first slot works, and removing anything after the first slot does nothing.

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Does the order of the effects make a difference? Or does it make no difference in which order you apply the effects? (To see if this problem is just caused by one particular effect.)
It would also be interesting to know if this error always happens? Or only with the example you linked as a video above?