Direct Offline Processing Question

is it possible to clear out the Edits folder ?
My Offline Processing is taking a long time because of all the edits i’ve done so far.
i want to reset the Offline Processing as if i’ve just started the project with nothing in the Edits folder
I’m sure there used to be a freeze option that did this by clearing out all the history.

I have the same question because my Edits folder has grown to over 5,000 files taking up about 31 GB on my drive in a feature film project. How do we purge unused files from the Edits folder?

I’m not at the DAW right now, but isn’t there a Cleanup function in the file menu?

Yeah, what about that…is there any options for file handling to be found somewhere?

…and this is exactly why I am comfortably on cubase 9 and will never, ever, ever upgrade. complete control of the edits folder and wav file management from within the sequencer. you can rename waves… print your fx with a single button and get a clean EDIT folder to keep those sessions TRIM and easily exportable to other daws.