direct offline processing range

in pro 10, i want to raise the gain of a portion of a clip, so i select it with the range selection tool, then use direct offline processing and add a gain process to that range.

the thing is, if i close the window and come back later in the direct offline processing, I see the gain applied to a range but I can’t recall or edit that range.

if you have 5 different process applied to a clip with all different range, how do you recall and edit the range of each one?

Why not use the clip gain handle on the audio clip itself so you can re adjust at anytime?

the handle adjust the whole clip. i want to adjust the level of a single word in a clip. i don’t want to use automation, i want it to be part of the clip.

My question relate more to the range selection of the direct offline processing. for example if i select a portion of a clip and apply a reverse, how do i come back later and see what range was the reverse applied to?

If you choose the pencil tool you can draw gain adjustments to only specific range of an audio clip. ( not automation )
You can do this in the main window. No need to open the audio editor. This might work?