Direct Offline Processing showstopper

Something is very wrong with Direct Offline Processing (DOP) here.

I recorded 4 audio tracks.

On the Track 4 event I added DOP and added FabFilter Pro-Q2 and two frequency adjustments.

I then opened DOP on Track 1 and added a FabFilter Pro-Q2 there too. To my amazement, Pro-Q2 popped up with the exact same frequency adjustments as I just made in track 4.

That can’t be right!

Can anyone else duplicate this?

This isn’t limited to FabFilter. It happens here with any VST plugin. I ad a plugin on one track/event and adjust it.

I add the same plugin on another track/event and it loads with the same settings I just used in the previous track, EVEN if I have deleted all evidence of the DOP from the first track.

Did you copy the event/part to another track?