Direct Offline Processing Signal Flow!

Hi y’all! Dang i wanna be more active on here lol

Quick question: Does Direct Offline Processing preserve the signal flow if i drop the processes in order? I’m dragging and dropping plug-ins from my inserts to disable them and to free up CPU.

I drag and drop the plug-ins and order and sometimes they shift order in the offline processing window with no correlation. I haven’t A/B’d yet to discover whether or not i can hear the difference.

Now that I think of it, Second Question: Isnt there a way to have the inserts easily put into offline processing? I could’ve sworn there was a way…


The order of the plug-in in the Direct Offline Process matters the very same way as in the plug-in.

No, there is not direct Insert to DOP function in Cubase.

Wouldn’t it be better to use Freeze function (which is designed to free up the CPU) instead of moving the plug-ins to DOP? DOP is meant to be used to a Audio event. So if you want to use different process/plug-ins at one track on multiple events. I would say it’s different use case.