Direct Offline Processing, tail length not working

Direct Offline Processing, tail length not working.

  1. Stereo track with single kick drum hit
  2. Select event, hit F7 for DOP window, add ping-pong (or other delay)
  3. Adjust tail length (I used all kinds of values up to the max value, which, if I recall, is 10,000 MS, to no avail). Added extra Container length to track, Glued together – no tail.
  4. No matter the settings, no tail is played. Effect cuts off after event.


Same Delay as Insert, tail plays correctly.

(Also, getting lots of crashes when using DOP, but can’t give a step-by-step on it. Seems DOP has issues?)

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Same on iMAC pro, High Sierra 10,13,6 cubase pro 10.0,15 build 136

getting issue with 3rd party delay (Soundtoys Echoboy v5.3.0) won’t apply the correct length of the delay in a select part of audio and getting also issue on preview…wont play correctly

experiencing this issues still in 2021, on Nuendo 11 any solution coming???

Not solved yet in 11.0.41. Why? An hotfix (bad word for Steinberg) would be appreciated.