Direct Offline Processing tail


Here some 2 suggestions for the tail of Direct Offline Processing :

  1. The possibility to sync the tail time with the tempo. In other words, be able to set the tail duration in a grid mode (1/1, 1/4, 1/16, …) and not in ms.

  2. Re-render the Direct Offline Processing after a tail modification. Actually, when we change the tail length after applying DOP, nothing happens. We need to delete a plugin and reinsert the plugin to be able to change the tail size. It would be great if everything was automatic.

I mainly use Direct Offline Processing to make riser effects (with a reverse reverb on a part of the vocals), and this two features would help me a lot. It’s actually a pain for me to do riser, because I always have to resync the position of my clip in time (with the new tail).

Hope you’ll understand. Thank you ! (And sorry for my bad english)