Direct Offline Processing with Nebula

One of the main reasons I upgraded to 9.5 was for the Direct Offline Processing feature, so I can process events with N4 (Nebula 4) and not put stress on the CPU.

Unfortunately, at the moment it seems unusable.

  1. Every time I load N4 in the DOP window, it now opens with the first preset I tried, rather than the default interface.

  2. When I check ‘auto apply’ sometimes changes appear to happen but it’s a little bit random and unpredictable.

  3. When I try to process the audio manually, the results are completely unpredictable with glitches, latency, dropouts etc.

Acustica Audio Acqua plug-ins that I have tried all seem to work fine with DOP so it can’t be related to the technology.
N4 (latest vst version 1.1.003?) works fine in real-time on track inserts.

I sincerely hope this can work in the near future as it would be a huge plus for those like me working in OS X, looking to find a way of utilising more AA plugins into their workflow.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Maybe it’s not just the Nebula. Yesterday I had some problems with the offline export. Audio worked fine in the project, but exported audio turns out with glitches, pops, etc… The same audio exported with real-time export worked perfectly.