direct offline processing... working ?


since direct offline processing came up i’m lost with very simple tasks i used to do on a single shortcut.
i create a +12 pitch shift… add another +12 pitch shift.
then i grab these 2 and drop them in the banks / favorites and name it +24
now i select another region and clic on that +24 “preset” … my region disappear (not became so small i don’t see it… just gone i don’t know where)

how is this working ?
sometime i end up with a region where the waveform does not correspond to what i hear.
how do you guys work with it ?

Problems here too. Select a region with the range tool, process, select another region, but then I still hear the first region that I selected…

Trouble here too.
just tried splitting an event in the project window that was still rendering a Nebula tape simul in the background…
Poof… Nuendo 8.2.1 gone.
Not reliable at all.


I also have intermittent issues with it apparently re-rendering old processes endlessly, which I can only stop by deleting the last process and quitting and restarting Nuendo. When the session comes back up, the last DOP attempted has rendered to flat-line (audio silence). It’s happened to me four or five times…

It seems like it’s got a ways to go, stability-wise.