Direct Offline Processing

Hi, I have an issue with the Direct Offline Processing in Nuendo 10. Everytime I try to add an effect from the Direct offline Processing it gives me an “!” at the status bar as represented in the screenshot. I can’t find anything that could be wrong in my project. I’ve tried restarting it, creating a new project but nothing works. If I hover over the “!” It say’s “processing failed” but I can’t figure out why… I took a sample from the FX Hybrid library that was downloadable so it should work. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

Something wrong with audio file? Try another one. Try different setting of project, samplerate and etc. Wish you to find the issue)

Happens to me, too.
I use basehead to spot the files in question, so I thought it could be something in the file.
But trying different projects it sometimes works with the same audio file and sometimes the “!” appears. Very strange.
The project setup is always the same and the audio file in the SFX Library does not change either.

My workaround is to “Bounce Selection” to write a new file, then it works.

Are the questionable files set to “Read Only”, by incident?

Already tried that… doesn’t work in any of my files unfortunately :confused:

Nope, everything seems to be fine.

“Bounce Selection”? Where can I find that?

Just hit Alt and the letter B on a PC or its equivalent on the Mac. Will render the file identically as a new file only taking in Clip Gain adjustments during the bounce.