Direct offline processing

Is there a way to save processing chains?

Have they implemented the hugely requested features of mono->stereo and stereo->mono yet?

Back on point.
It does not appear that you can save the chain.

A great idea would be to be able to drag an effects chain from the browser on to a clip and have it just process it without even opening the offline processing window.

the last update to nuendo added new features to DOP, hope it will be implemented to cubase too next update :bulb:

update as in 9.5.1?

I cant see whats different in d.o.p. in the new version rather than the new window thing, which i understand helps to organize things.
what am i missing here?

9.5.0 here… is there 9.5.1 update or i didnt understand you :unamused:
maybe in next update as in 9.5,1 or 9.5.2
check the latest nuendo DOP video tutorial

Hi !
With the new Direct offline plug-in processing is there a way to
leave the original file untouched and create a new file
with the changes like we use to be able to do
in the old method of offline processing


no to all of the above … was it bitched about a requested over and over on all the above … yes.
FR for presets … yes
FR for bounce process … yes

One step forward…and six steps back :frowning:
Much better as it was where you could go to audio process history for each part and undo/redo/tweak each process/plugin.
DMG/Acustica plugs/Auto-tune - all crashing DOP hard here.
No crashes with the same plugins offline in C 9.0.30
Why release such an unfinished feature?
And more important: Why not leave the old option/behavior in when it’s obvious that DOP is flawed and unfinished.

Upgrading seems overrated. This is a downgrade for me as it is now.
Back to 9.030
Offline processing works as expected there.

Sorry, I don’t have those plugins so can’t confirm/deny LOL. And in general I don’t agree. The DOP interface is a godsend. But it really does need presets and bounce. Hopefully it won’t be 10 years before that happens.

I get absolutely no crashes by the way. And I’ve tried it with dang near 50 plugins.

Wow ok so if i do some eq on a file with direct offline processing in a session
and decide to go back to a earlier saved version of that session the file
will have the eq changes? that does not make sense?


It actually makes sense … however, track versions are your friend. And, we all agree it would be nice to have the selection history. Keep fingers crossed.

Huh? DOP uses a copy of the original to do the processing on, that’s why you can undo.

I’m having lots of problems with Nebula 4 & DOP - just posted in the issues forum:

  1. Every time I load N4 in the DOP window, it now opens with the first preset I tried, rather than the default interface.

  2. When I check ‘auto apply’ sometimes changes appear to happen but it’s a little bit random and unpredictable.

  3. When I try to process the audio manually, the results are completely unpredictable with glitches, latency, dropouts etc.

Acustica Audio Acqua plug-ins that I have tried all seem to work fine with DOP so it can’t be related to the technology.
N4 (latest vst version 1.1.003?) works fine in real-time on track inserts.

I sincerely hope this can work in the near future as it would be a huge plus for those like me working in OS X, looking to find a way of utilising more AA plugins into their workflow.

i have problem with DOP and Auto tune on Nuendo too.even after the N8.1 fixes. it does not crash, but Auto tune does nothing to the remains the same without the process

I only know DOP from the C9.5 Tutorials. Do you guys know where this used DOP Stuff Data is saved?
Is it saved inside the “Clip”, the “Wave” file or does the data belong to the “Cubase project” ?

In other words, can I import a wav file where I used DOP Stuff on inside another Session, and still have the possibility of going back to the original unprocessed material by opening the DOP GUI?
I guess the only way to do that would be to export / import the DOP treated wav files as xml Tracks for working in several projects with them?

By the way: Saving processed chains was already included in Nuendo 8.1:
We´ve got a crippled version of DOP inside Cubase 9.5. the tail size feature is also missing - how do we add a simple reverb to clap sound for edm music for example?
There power is already there (nuendo) but not for Cubase users - and yes, the updated DOP Version in Nuendo is also useful for musicians, not just post production guys…

Thanks, lokotus

it’s not missing, it’s in the top bar in the middle with the autoextend length. The real problem is that they don’t work.

good to know, seems like I should wait for an update before updating myself :mrgreen:

Not really, you can still use C9 if you need. But, there are bunch of other things that make C9.5 way better.