Direct offline prossing failed or freezed on certain files

There is the offline processing issue here.
When I finish the processing however vst,own vst or direct process such as pitch envelope,resample… on a lot of chinese name file and several english name file,it may show me a “!” instead of a “√”.The issue has began in version 11 even in latest version.I have to bounce the file first even in chinese work is ok,then processing again,it works.
I don’t know if its a bug in version 11.I changed different computer,the issue is the same.both computer is with win10 64bit,one with home version on with professional version.System is super clean.

and sorry for my poor english.another issue is that there were certain probability to freezing the offline processing.around 2-4% probability the nuendo will be freezed when offline proessing.only solusion is force close the nuendo and reopen it.


Could you post some file name example(s), please?




that is 3 of files name which will be absolutly failed when offline processing.
Those point is what I sure.
1.Those file will be faild on another PC with nuendo11.
2.Those file name is in chinese but several english file will be also failed when processing,but huge amount of chinese name file would be failed.
but when Ichange the file name to english or certanin name which can be processing seccussfuly,it will be processed no problem.As a result,if I change the name to those name on a file whcih can be processed no problem,it will be processed failed.
3.some of the file name is not with any symbol such"-""+""_"
4.In my memory it has not happen on nuendo 10(I start using nuendo for audio work from ver 10 in the beginning 2020)
Thansk Bro~

哈,朋友,我也是中国nuendo11用户,刚刚从10升级的。今天我也发现了这个问题,绝大多数带有中文字符的音频文件名在直接离线处理(F7)处理时会失败。应该是11的BUG。原来不只我有问题,开心。。。。 :sweat_smile:
Ha, my friend, I’m also a user of nuendo11 in China. I just upgraded from 10. Today, I also found this problem. Most audio file names with Chinese characters will fail in direct offline processing (F7). It should be a bug of 11. It turns out that I’m not the only one with problems. I’m happy…(google translate)

hey brother.我在音频应用也发了贴。
This is super shame bug that make almost all kind of offline processing faild on many files.
Also USB bug,time and time again freezed when using any hub for any device.
I was coming back to 10.3,everything is fine without any issue.
Steinberg makes a bugrade on nuendo 11.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Its a seriously bug for chinese user especially for film/TV post production.But Steinberg let this issue last for more than half year,I am so dissapointed.Its almost covered all of nuendo 11 time.Hvae to use Nuendo10.3,wasted money for upgrade 11.

Thanks,and please don’t let nuendo stopped at 10.3 for chinese postproduction user anymore. :pray: