Direct Routing 5.1 project not routing correctly.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Set up my 5.1 monitors in the control room as in the pic below.
outpu pic 2.PNG
Route 5.1 Ambience channels appropriately in the routing tab of mixer. Then I activate Direct Monitoring and activate my 5.1 mix out in direct monitoring as well. But as you can see from the other picture, I am only getting Center, Ls Rs in my 5.1 mix out. Ambience monitor bus is correct, with sound coming out of all channels.
Output Pic.PNG
Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? Here is a link to my test project:

Could we see a picture of the actual routing ‘slots’ in the mixer? Just so we can see the actual routing…

Is this what you asked for?
outpu pic 3.PNG

I also had some inexplicable issues with Direct Output Routing.
On my rig, it helped when I changed the order of the output busses in the Direct Output Routing List.
Maybe I did something wrong with “putting the output with the widest channel configuration on top of the Direct Output Routing List”?

As stated in the manual (p. 403):
The main output should also have the widest channel configuration, since it is used as a reference for all additional output destinations.

I hope it helps when you put your “5.1-MIX OUT” on top of the list ?

Yep. Also my thinking.

OK, just to clarify: If you route the tracks to separate outputs of the Ambience bus via the Routing rack (top of mixer), the first slot in the Direct Routing rack automatically changes to reflect this. So I should make the SECOND slot of the Direct Routing rack the 5.1 Mix Out? Then the following slots can be whatever I want (SFX, M&E, etc.)?

Edit: it may help that I read what others have posted…

As mentioned above.
IF I remember correctly the rule is that you have to have the widest destination as the main/first destination. So having a mono destination at the first position could likely be the issue. Try reversing the order of the destinations.

OK, but if I have 5 discrete 5.0 SFX tracks to route, what would be the appropriate way to set it up? Route each track to the main 5.1 bus, then pan each source, disabling speakers you don’t want the source to go to? That doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

I got it working. I guess I was thinking of it like group buses, routing first to smaller groups, then to main output group. But I guess Direct Routing wants you to do it the opposite way.