Direct Routing applications?

Hello folks,

Just wondering here, what is the Direct Routing rack useful for? I mean, its specific and exclusive applications?
What can you do with it that cannot be achieved via pre-fader sends?

I know Direct Routing is more akin to the standard-mix-console-structure that offers direct outputs instead of using sends, which is a kind of workaround in limited analog consoles. And yes, it makes my OCD levels go down when I see the Direct Routing assignments at the bottom of the racks instead of in the middle position of the sends rack. But… beyond that, they seem kind of redundant to me…

Please prove me wrong. I want to understand the usefulness they bring to the table.

Pardon the lack of insight here. I just haven’t had enough sleep lately. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I found my answer guys. The trick lies in the position difference between the racks Sends and Direct. Direct Routing is located post-panner, whereas Sends can be setup pre or post-fader.

So, anything that requires pre-fader configuration is best dealt with via Sends. Such as parallel compression, sidechain control sends, etc.

And if you need a straight copy of the channel then Direct Routing is the way to go.

That’s my appreciation after rtfm-ing for a few minutes. :laughing: :unamused: