Direct routing channels collapse/overlap on clicking "SEND"

Screen GIF

-in Mixer open channel settings with “e” Symbol
-enable “direct routing” and “signal path” views
-click on the TARGET in the direct routing column
>the channels collapse and overlap each other (see NAME section highlighted in RED on my Giffy)
you have to close and reopen the channel setting to get the view restored

Cubase 11.0.41


There is no Signal Path view, but an Output Chain one, and it’s when using it that the display issue appears, as if the busses/outputs were piling up on one channel. As @HorNet505 reported, when clicking on one of the slots in the Direct Routing column, we get this :

But here, unticking and ticking again the Output Chain box is enough to bring back the ‘normal’ display…


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg.