Direct Routing ON or OFF?

I noticed in a project that most of my tracks had the Direct Routing button on. I’d not knowlingly turned it on, so it must have been somehow by accident … Should it be off by default? I’m not even totally sure what it does (!), but if there are no outboard FX being used, has it any function in-the-box?

When activated it allows you to set and activate outputs for all selected channels at once.

I never use it and it is not set “on” by default. so you probably just hit something by mistake.

Regardless, the full explanation and how to turn it on/off is in the CB op Manual page 364.

Who knows… maybe you can use the function. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I must have hit something in error. I’m going to turn it all OFF and forget about it :wink:

If you mean the slot with the default output routing, this button is “on” by default. switching it “off” will cut the signal.