Direct routing to separate ASIO outputs?

I was very interested in seeing the direct routing feature. We recently added a Neve 8816/8804 and an RME MADI PCIe/FX audio interface to our studio. What I would like to do is to be able to assign all tracks in Cubase 8 to a physical stereo output (ITB summing assigned to stereo MADI AES output) while, in Cubase, simultaneously assigning these same tracks as stems to separate MADI hardware outputs that would allow the playback tracks to be routed in Totalmix as stems on hardware mono and stereo outputs returning to the 8816 in mono and stereo, thereby splitting a recorded mix to a stereo bus for monitoring on the 2 track return of the 8816 and also splitting those same playback channels to separate stems for summing in the 8816, thus allowing a true A/B of the ITB mix to the summed mix with the push of a button.

In this video, between 6:45 and 6:55, it states that the same audio track can be routed to 6 different destinations.
It does not specify that these can be ASIO hardware outputs but I’m assuming that these would have to be mono/stereo stems that had already been created under Devices>VST Connections>Outputs and each track of the mix could be routed to both the main stereo bus while simultaneously being routed to the stems that were created as hardware outputs that seems to be what is implied. If so, the assignment would be made in the mixer window rather than the VST Connections>Outputs window. Is this how direct routing works in Cubase 8.0?