Direct routing to separate ASIO outputs?

In this video, between 6:45 and 6:55, it states that the same audio track can be routed to 6 different destinations.
It does not specify that these can be ASIO hardware outputs but I’m assuming that these would have to be mono/stereo stems that had already been created under Devices>VST Connections>Outputs and each track of the mix could be routed to the main stereo bus while being simultaneously routed to the stems that were created as hardware outputs as can be done in RME Totalmix. That seems to be what is implied. If so, the assignment would be made in the mixer window rather than the VST Connections>Outputs window. Is this how direct routing works? This would be huge as it would allow both the stereo mix and individual playback tracks to show up in the playback channels of Totalmix where they could be freely assigned to hardware outputs feeding a summing device. This would allow some amazing flexibility within the DAW/Totalmix environment as it would then be possible to A/B an ITB mix with a mix that was being physically routed via mono and stereo stems to a summing device to compare the 2 track mix with the summed mix. If I can route a recorded track to the main stereo mix while simultaneously sending that same recorded track to a hardware output for summing, I’m going to be purchasing the 8.0 update.

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You can route out to 8 different software Busses and then to 8 different physical outputs.
You can route out to 8 different software Busses and then to 1 common physical output.
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Appreciate the reply. So, direct routing allows the assignment of recorded tracks to more than one ASIO hardware output? Would you mind describing the process?


If you mean more than one physical output device, say an UR22 and an UR44, I don’t think that’s possible. Cubase can only handle one device at a time.

Thank you for the reply. What I want to do is route all playback channels to the main Stereo L/R channel while at the same time, routing those same playback channels to mono and stereo outputs (D/A converters) in order to send them as stems to an external summing device. I see now that this is not possible without copying the playback channel to a different track and routing the original to the stereo bus while routing the copy to a separate ASIO Channel.

Yes, you can do that. With direct routing you can route your audio track to 8 different destinations (groups, fx, outputs etc…).

Unspoken is absolutely correct.

Make sure that that you add the buses you need in Devices/VST Connections/Outputs.

They will then appear as available outputs in Direct Routing. (if it is not visible, make sure you add it in audio track inspector settings.)

Also using RME totalmix and matrix and once direct routing is set up you can play around with configurations till your hearts content.

Hi, is it possible to route to 24 different hardware outputs?
To make it more clear what I’m after:

I want to create 24 outputs to a mixer from 24 physical outputs, then assign the 24 tracks I have to these outputs so I can do summing on a analog mixer (sorry for hyjacking :slight_smile:

Yes you can.

In Vst Connection, Create 24 outputs > Link these to your 24 physical outputs.
Now you can route your tracks to the 24 respectively, both in the old way (route to outputs in the Pre section) or under the Direct Routing “patchbay”.

Each track can “only” be routed to 8 different destinations in Direct Routing, while using the old method you can route every track to all 24 destinations (outputs).

You must of corse have an interface with 24 physical outputs :wink:

Yeah, you should be sorry for hi-jacking, he he :wink:

Yeah, that 's good news. I do have the interfaces already configured for 24 track recording in 1 go. But I wanted to know for sure before looking at analog mixers, I intend to look/search for a oldtimer mixerboard :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the helpful replies. I am downloading the v7.5 > v 8 upgrade at the moment. I am looking forward to a more streamlined workflow. :sunglasses:

Hallef***'inleujah! This direct routing is such a relief. Everything is so simple now without workarounds. :sunglasses: ²