Direct Tap Tempo Key Command

Tap Tempo works in Cubase … but why, oh, why is it hidden inside the Beat Calculator???

If I have an idea in my head, a guitar in my hands and I’m ready to go I need a way to change the tempo NOW!
I don’t want to goof around with opening dialog boxes, clicking and tapping and closing and all that jazz.

I’d like to be able to choose a key of my choice that’s “hard wired” to the Tempo input box on the Transport panel.
Hit the key 4 times and that’s the tempo!

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Would make sense, wouldn’t it?

I know this doesn’t help your current issue, but I have the CMC-TP controller and there’s a tap tempo mode on it, selectable with one tap of the mode selector on the slider (while holding shift). I can’t even express how much I prefer the CMC-TP (I also have the CH, FD and QC) to using the mouse and keyboard. It makes my workflow so much quicker and more intuitive. Transport, set locate points, drop markers, locate, scrub. I would never want to work without it again.

I have shift+B set to the beat calculator specifically so I can bring it up fast when I need it.

Yeah, I’ve had that set to since the Beat Calculator showed up in Cubase too.
But it’s such a M$ Office 2003 thing to have in a program like Cubase in 2016, isn’t it?


Yeah, having it on the transport panel next to the tempo reading would definitely make sense.


Wow. A free app in my iPhone has a tap tempo button. God! But thanks for your help anyway. I couldn’t find it

This has been a gripe of mine for YEARS. I just want to press one button or choose to tap my midi pedal in order to get a tap tempo. I prefer cubase to logic… But soooo many things in Logic are very very well thought out and I do not find that true for cubase. This tap tempo is just one extra verification of my feelings about Cubase. I think people do not really sit down and analyze the software and say how can we make each area better??? If I was running it, that would be my goal. Make every tool we have now, the best that it can possibly be. Period.

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