DirectMusic MIDI Devices

From Steinberg KB “Modern MIDI interfaces are installed with real native DirectMusic drivers whereas it is still quite common for other interfaces to use a predecessor API to provide drivers for the Windows MIDI system.”

It seems many of the audio/midi interface specs do not clarify this. In another thread, I saw some screenshots where the RME Fireface shows up as “DirectMusic” in the DeviceSetup–>MIDI Port Setup.

I want to upgrade my Presonus Firepod, but I want to make sure the interface supports “DirectMusic” MIDI Ports. Any suggestions besides RME Fireface?

Or, perhaps I should keep the Firepod for now, and route my MIDI through a MIDI to USB convertor and go into a USB port on the PC. Is there a convertor device that uses a “DirectMusic” driver?

From what I can tell ONLY RME makes current interfaces that support Direct Music Midi drivers. I’m not sure why.

Good thing rme do directmusic, but too bad they didnt release a milti in out midi interface. Because rme’s midi is are the only devices so far that i discovered that work jitter free under windows 7!

Class Compliant devices = Windows MIDI

Everything else that has a driver written after Vista is pretty much Direct Music, I think.