Directory for active patch name scripts (Windows 10)

I know where the directory is for the non active patch scripts (users/user/AppData/roaming/Steinberg…), that’s not the issue. The issue is that every single time I make a new patch on my Kurzweil Forte 7 and update the patch script file with the new name in the inactive folder, I then have to open Cubase, go into Midi Device Manager, remove it, then install it again so that the new patch script is now active and the new patch name shows up in the drop down menu. This is obviously annoying to have to do this every single time I create a new patch which is often.

I’m using Microsoft Excel and found an Excel sheet that is a patch script generator that spits out a patch script for the Kurzweil Forte to the directory of your choosing. I’d like to be able to just quickly update the excel sheet with the new patch name and set the directory where it outputs the patch script to the active patch script directory, therefore avoiding all of the extra steps above every single time I create a new patch and want to add its name.

To do that I just need to know where the directory is for active patch scripts currently being used by Cubase, then I can just set the output in Excel to that directory, hit the button and that’s it. I’ve done google searches and searched the manual and there is nothing. I can’t believe the information isn’t eve on google and that nobody ever wanted to know this or ever talked about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS if you have a Kurzweil Forte and would like the Excel sheet to make your own patch script for it let me know, I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Nobody in this whole forum knows where the active patch script directory is? Not the inactive directory (I know where that is it’s everywhere on the internet) but the directory that holds the patch script that Cubase goes to every time you add a midi track and synth in Cubase.

Not sure that this will help, but AFAIK, there is no ‘active patch script directory’ as such.

I have three external instruments, each one having its own patch script, and the .xml related files are stored in a folder that I created myself (D:\DataCubase). I haven’t edit them since a long time ago, but I remember having used the MIDI device manager features to create them, instead of an external tool such as Excel.

Having changed my DAW fifteen months ago (for a Windows Pro 10 based one), I just placed the saved files in the desired folder and imported them directly from it with the MIDI device manager : not a single issue, since - I always have the expected presets list available in the inspector, when using a MIDI track with the related external instrument choosed as ‘Output’.

I took a look but also couldn’t find out where Cubase stores the current setup of its Device Manager and the installed devices.