Dis/Advantage migrating from Win-7 to Win-10

Can someone tell me what the Advantage or Disadvantage will be form a migration From Windows 7 to Windows 10

  • Latency
  • Number of tracks i can run
  • Number of plug-inns i can run


Should be the same, windows 7 is already a very optimized OS.
Midi timing is supposed to be a tiny bit better in 10 using the standard API (that all DAW’s use). Windows 10 has a new midi API that in the future might be interesting as it allows for multiclient use and built in Midi over Bluetooth.
Windows 10 will give you faster boot times, and a snappier GUI. It feels faster.
Number of tracks and latency are more down to the ASIO driver and hardware.

As Peakae says, performance should be much the same.
There are quite a few on here who have problems with Windows 10 and Cubase but many, including me, who’ve found it to be as good if not more stable. This is almost certainly down to system differences. Thus, anyone who does give stats on more tracks (if anyone does!) or lower latency would only really be talking about their system.

FWIW, when deciding whether to go over to Windows 10 I cloned my system disk so I knew I could go back to Windows 7 if I needed to. Though I still have that cloned disk I’ve not been back once.

Unless you buy the commercial version (and you are network attacked) you lose control over when windows updates the OS - which can be a killer for DAW users. Even if the update doesn’t do any damage you’ve got the performance hit for up to a couple of hours post update while Windows recompiles and relinks certain modules in the background.

So if you’ve got a tracking session booked on a busy project your day starts off rather badly!

Other than that Windows 10 seems to be very stable like Windows 7. Probably the best two OS releases MS have ever published in terms of stability (okay three, Windows 2000 was bulletproof.)

Having Windows 10 Pro should be enough to disable that.

I think it mostly depends on whether your drivers work best on Windows 7 or 10 that decides whether you’ll have a good experience.

My Windows 10 Pro systems don’t update unless I tell them to - you can turn off automatic updates via the “Local Group Policy Editor”.

Honestly I’ve never found Windows Updates improved my life one iota. I let one Win 7 laptop run all its updates and I swear to god they only ever slowed it down. That’s why with my current version of Win 10 professional I turned off automatic updates in gpedit.

edit: Guy above me said exactly the same thing. I guess I should have read before commenting.

But that got nuked in the AE update afaik. So no difference in home and pro version anymore in that respect.
The updates can be annoying, but I never have had any update take more than 10 minutes including reboots.

I highly recommend doing this. My many upgrade attempts over a dozen days were a disaster and I’m back on 7 for the life of the machine.

Sir Charles Sedley (1639-1701) said “When change itself can give no more, 'tis easy to be true”. I’m with you raino, no Windows 10 for me! Not sure what o/s Sir Charles was using though… :unamused:

Windows 10 is running better than 7 for me (probably on par with 8.1). YMMV, I guess.

From my experience;

  • Latency= depends on audio interface
  • Number of tracks i can run= depends on audio interface
  • Number of plug-inns i can run= windows 10 can take slightly more

Most noticeable for me was MIDI being better on windows 10.

Here’s another vote for Win10. Since upgrading it seems that I’ve got more power and have less problems than ever. But I guess that could also be due to Cubase being improved, after all they said they’d definitely look at the stability, and perhaps that’s rubbed off a bit with the ASIO being better behaved?? Anyhow, it seems that with every upgrade of Cb, Windows and ASIO drivers over the last few years my working minimum latency has become lower, I can now monitor at <2ms latency with all VSTi’s I need and it’s definitely good to be able to do that. I would recommend Win10 because for me it’s reliable and more efficient than Win8. I have the pro version and I install all updates (although I have tweaked it for manual installation!).