Disable Ad Pop Up?


I occasionally get ads from Steinberg when I launch Dorico; at first it was to purchase and upgrade to 3.5, then it’s occasionally ads for Olympus Choir or something similar. Is there a way for this be disabled? (Apologies if this has been asked before, please link me to that thread if so.)


I only received the Olympus update notice once. Are you receiving constantly?

No, only about once every couple weeks. It’s still annoying, however.

No, at the moment there’s no way to disable these messages, though you shouldn’t see any more for a while. We only recently introduced this mechanism (in Dorico 3.1 in January of this year), and normally the messages only appear to users running trial licenses, or every once in a while when running the free Dorico SE to invite you to upgrade to Dorico Elements. If you were running a full, permanent license for Dorico 3.1 you would have received a one-time notification of the availability of Dorico 3.5 some time in the first week following Dorico 3.5’s release, but it wouldn’t appear again. Many users clicked through from this announcement to purchase their Dorico 3.5 update, so at least some users found them useful.

The Olympus Choir Elements announcement is the one and only announcement that a Dorico 3.5 user running a full, permanent license would have received, and again, you should only see it once. Please let me know if that is not the case.

Thanks Daniel,

I pay closer attention to when that happens and get back to you if I notice anything. Do you know if this would happen on a per-license, or per-machine basis? (I go back and forth with the dongle between two computers.)


It has nothing to do with your license: each installation of Dorico keeps track of this information on its own, for each user account in which it is run.