Disable Aero for Cubase

Is it possible to disable Aero in Windows 7 64bit on a per application basis only.

I know it’s possible if the application is 32bit, as compatibility mode can do that, but if the application (in this case Cubase ) is 64bit, the option to disable desktop themes and visual effects etc in the compatibility tab is disabled.

Is there a switch that I could add to the cubase.exe -noaero or something like that ?

I am trying to solve my problems with QWERTY and Mouse input problems (Cubase won’t respond to them properly) takes about 6 attempts to double click something and can type one letter per 10 seconds or it won’t be recognised.

I am trying all options, and Aero is something that can go, I don’t need it for Cubase work, in fact i’d like it off but only for certain apps that I use.


Are mouse and keyboard wireless by any chance? I ditched a wireless Logitech mouse for such trouble - very slow reacting.

Luck, Arjan

Unfortunately not, both my keyboard and mouse are hard wired. And it’s only Cubase that’s the problem, they are fine everywhere else. And it never used to be, it only happened when I changed GFX cards from Nvidia to AMD, although why that would matter is beyond me.

And it’s not Aero, as I disabled Aero completely and tried Cubase , still the same error.

I’ll see what the tech team say, thanks guys.

Are you using any Logitech/Microsoft mouse software? In the past that has caused trouble with Cubase for some users. If you are, try uninstalling this and let Windows load the vanilla drivers and see if that helps.


Oddly enough they are both Logitech.

Thanks for the advice, i’ll uninstall both and see what happens.

Found the problem, turns out it’s 2 plug-ins from the same company that are causing the response from the keyboard and mouse to be so bad.

Now i’m in catch 22, cannot roll back to stop it as the previous versions are incompatible with older projects causing crashes !!!

Just hope the dev can fix this, he’s really good though so should do.

What part of a plug-in can do that ? Wierd.

Can you not just delete/rename/remove the dll’s so Cubase launches without those plugs? You should be able to open the specific projects using them as well, just without those plugins.