Disable all Plugins at Once?

Is there a single-click way of disabling all the plugins in a project?

I’m aware that you can bypass all of them at once, but I want to disable all of them.

The closest solution is to use Constrain Delay Compensation, but this leaves many still active and it’s a pain to have to constantly enable/disable them manually.

My motivation for doing this is to lighten the processing load while I’m editing to keep the fan on my laptop from constantly running at full. When it’s time to export the mix, I then re-enable them.


I’m not aware of it.

you have to turn on Q-Link+select all channels and then quickly alt+click the plugin power button thing. You have to do it quickly in one motion otherwise Alt will bypass negate Q-Link.

This will only do one row of plugins at a time. ie, you’d have to repeat for all 16 insert slots.

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Thanks for the tip. It’s not what I was hoping for, but it will save time. Cheers…

A quicker method: you can select any or all channels and alt-command/ctrl(Win)-click the “Activate Effect” button in the effect’s GUI.

Not perfect, but it’s a workaround.

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