Disable all the graduated graphic fills ?

Is it possible anywhere to disable all the new graduated colour fills, particularly on the Mix console? I personally find these way too dark and quite honestly pretty depressing to work with. Alternatively is it possible to change the background colour of the mix console to a lighter colour?


The only control that affects the background colour of the mixer is the 3rd one under Preferences-Appearance-General
but it’s not really usable to make it only brighter…

Aloha m,

CWS posted:

Go to preferences and the top tree called appearance. In the general tab increase color lightness. Then go to the work area and increase the work area brightness. You can tweak others in this section as well. Hope that helps.



Looks like just disabling the fills isn’t possible which is a shame. I find the whole interface much harder on the eyes than the older ones, some of the aliasing on the text in the expanded sections on the left of the main window like the EQ section makes the text REALLY hard to read as the contrast is so low. Light gray text on a grey background might not have been the best choice! I think anyone with poor eyesight is going to have a lot of trouble working with C7 until some proper control of the interface is provided.