Disable audio feedback on button presses

A few weeks ago my cat jumped on my keyboard while I was working on a project. Since that time, at anytime I press any button, I get a note played. I also get this note played on selecting the transport buttons play, stop, record. I can’t find how to disable it. I’ve searched through the forums, Googled and even went menu by menu in Cubase to see what was activated and how to turn it off. Worse, the note is included on doing audio mix downs of midi files. It is also present in multiple projects. I really don’t want to have to do a clean install if I can help it. My system is Mac M1, Cubase 12 latest version, the files are all midi VSL Synchn-ized solo strings. Any help greatly appreciated.

What breed is your cat? we have found that tabbys prefer synth sounds, while calicos are adamant about using acoustic instruments. Siamese complain whiningly that microtonality is to high to reach, can you please buy more cat trees?

  • Or, start Cubase in Safe Mode by holding cmd+opt+shift while Cubase launches.
  • It seems unlikely, but check if the Transport>On Screen keyboard is activated
  • Check the routing for all the Remote devices in Studio Setup

I figured you are talking about the alpha keyboard, yes?

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I’d try to reset the cat first.

Opened up a different project and didn’t get the feedback. Also reset all preference, audio and wherever else I could find a reset button. I think it is an issue with the set of projects I had. I try to start them over again. I just wish I knew what Maple (the cat had pushed).

Also tried to reset the cat and nothing happened.

Was the cat after the mouse?

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I think it is an issue with my custom made expression maps I made for the Solo Synchron-ized Strings. I’ll double check them or start from scratch. Thank you everyone for responding.