Disable C12 midi remote

I use a Roland A-800 Pro and had it working great in C 11 under Mackie control. Is there a way to disable C 12 midi remote, or will I have to revert back to C 11, and lose the C 12 features? Where is the complete Roland A -800 Pro template?

Cubase 12 still supports all of the MIDI Remote features from Cubase 11. It’s possible that your settings weren’t imported because Cubase 12 was installed on a different drive.

That said, the Roland A-PRO line (and its predecessor, the Edirol PCR) don’t make significant use of the Mackie Control protocol features. By using the new MIDI Remote Editor, you get access to far more convenient and dynamic parameter mapping. I would recommend exploring it when you have some time.

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Thanks, but this is just a big waste of time, Mackie Control works great, the only thing I was hoping for was to get the knobs to control panning for the chosen channel. If someone can tell me how to do that, it would be mush appreciated, otherwise, I will try to forget about this feature

Mackie control lets me control Cubase exactly as I want it to (see attachment A-800 Pro ), what worries me is this (see attachment-1). Please reply!

(Attachment A-800 Pro controlling Cubase.odt is missing)