Disable create event when double click (automation destroyer)

when you double click inside loop, it creates empty event that overlaps your clips .
now, if you by ACCIDENT move that event, it deletes your previous automation if you have automation follows event.
i know that this it "normal " behaviour, and it is by default my error, but i just lost a 90 minutes dialogue automation…and i am not happy…

so please steinberg, give us a preference to DISABLE THAT .

I know I’m asking the obvious … but isn’t that exactly what the “Undo” function was invented for …? 8-/

yes you are right, but at that time i just hit the delete key. i was completly unaware that it would do that

I have no idea why we should need a preference for every possible point of failure.
Preferences are already complicated enough and produce too many side effects.

i totaly agree, and i admit that this was my operation error.
but i was just pointing out that this kind of nuendo logic can lead to serious automation problems.
i agree about preference complications.

I admit that I didn’t try it myself, but shouldn’t it be sufficient to switch off “Automation follows events”?

Switching it off is my default workflow (i enable it only when i need it)
The thing is that i recently updated nuendo from 10 to 11 and transfered all my nuendo profiles and key comands, but forgot to check that…( Another mistake)