Disable / deactivate plug-ins in Cubase PR0 like in Wavelab


Is there a way one can disable plugin effects/instruments in Cubase PRO 8.5 without renaming or unisntalling them. The option found in WL is awsome as it allows you to uncheck plugins you donot want to see them and that is it.
I hope that option is implemented and hidden somewhere in Cubase.
Tried in Plugin manager but can not find any option

Thanks for your replies.

Open the Plug-in Manager, then create a new collection by using the buttons to the top right. This will allow you to fully customize your list of plugins, including hiding them.

Thank you!
Yes I know about Collections and also how to use them, but I am not sure if Cubase will see (and make the available) only the selected ones and ignore the rest just as if they are not installed at all.
Asking that becouse I am having issues with few few free plugins (in 32bit mode) and would like to check if this way I can isolate the problematic ones.

You could temporarily change the extensions of the plug-ins’ DLL files to something else for Cubase to ignore them on startup.

Unticking “active” in the PIM info window will disable a plugin but be aware this also removes it from all custom collections and you’ll need to put it back manually…it will automatically reappear in the default collection though.

This would work though if there are multiple plugs to deal with moving the dll to a non scanned location is much easier.

Thank you for your kind and diverse advices. I’ve been using rename and move away tricks already. Both methods work fine just you have to restart the app each time you do that changes.

In the mean time i have spotted one of the “offensive” plugins that was resident on each of my audio channels and while being there send my MBP 15 to extreme heat states where i really couldn’t make any quiet music as the vents were droning to the max. That was Nomad factory EQP-4 (Pultec). so i removed it and my comp works in peace state now.

Thanks for your help everyone