Disable/Enable 'ALL' tracks in audio folder

Hey Gang,
I know I must be over-looking it but, is there a way to Disable/Enable ‘ALL’ tracks in an audio folder?

Thanks, ltrain


You can easily use Mute/Un-mute of whole folder.

Hi Martin,

That’s true. But as you know ‘Mute’ dosen’t work the same as ‘Disable’. I need a quick way to disengage many audio tracks at once to reduce the load on the CPU.

If you highlight them all (select top one, hold down Shift and select bottom one)

Now right click, you can disable all that are highlighted at once


Thanks P,
Yea, that’s the method I currently use. Annoying when track count is way longer than the screen. Was looking for sort of a ‘right-click’ type command that would work from the folder.

Right click Disable Folder would be handy. I keep old takes and backups in folders - so it would be a few less keystrokes to disable.


Maybe Steinberg will help us out. Chances are we aren’t the only ones who would appreciate this feature.