Disable/Enable Track don't restore QC settings


The sequence is following (tested on 9.5.41 and 9.0.40):

  1. Create new empty project

  2. Add one track, for example HALion Sonic SE

  3. Open MixConsole and click “Racks” button, then click on “Track Quick Controls” - so it is checked. Now you see QUICK rack bellow all other racks.

  4. In project window click right-mouse button on newly added track of HSSE and select Disable Track.

  5. Save project as Template (File -> Save as Template) with a name TEST.

  6. Close project w/o saving.

  7. Create new project using template TEST.

  8. Click right-mouse button on HSSE track and select Enable Track.

  9. Open MixConsole and take a look on QUICK rack - Quick Controls for this track are not loaded (but is stored in file).

  10. Now disable and enable the same track again - now Quick Controls are loaded correctly and values are right as stored in template.

This last operation can be replaced with “Get default QCs from Plug-in” in MixConsole when click right-mouse button on the title of QUICK rack.

This issue is on any plugins. I have created a large template for HALion Symphonic Orchestra with all instruments and after I create a project using this template, I should enable + disable + enable again every track if I go to use QC. Of course I don’t have both hands broken and I can do this every time on every track (they are 110), but it is not normal. I “enjoy” this “handy” feature all this year.

P.S. I’m tuned to upgrade to C10 and broke hands on unwanted features :slight_smile:

Yes, can confirm it is the same on Cubase 10.0.20 on Mac. Please fix it…

Tested some more, and this feature is really buggy : 100% of the time Quick controls after enabling the track do not map to the original controls, even if the name reflects they do.

Still not fixed with 10.0.30…