Disable/Enable Tracks as separate command ?

Is it possible to have separate shortcut (not toggle) for Disable and Enable Tracks ?

I want to send Midi CC along with Enable/Disable Tracks to turn on/off instruments in VEP pro. So When I Disable a track in CB, a CC119 value 127 message is also sent out and when Enable a track in CB, a CC119 value 0 is sent out.

I use Metagrid but can’t figure out how to create a separate shortcut for Disable/Enable.



You could make a Project Logical Editor (PLE), where you can Disable or Enable the tracks. Then you can assign own Key Commands to these PLE presets.

But Cubase will not send a MIDI Message out, when you call this PLE preset (even not if you enable Transmit flag in the Studio Setup).

Transmitting midi CC can easily be done with Metagrid, the part that I cannot figure out is how to make separate PLE for Disable and Enable.


So you will send the command from Metagrid. Then you will send one command to Cubase (Key Command) and at the same time other command to VEPro, right?

Do you have any specific channel you want to Disable/Enable? Or are these all selected Channels?

I enable or disable instruments and midi tracks on my template as I compose.

I need to create two PLE (one for Enable and the second for Disable) and attach them to a shortcut.

As far as enable or disable tracks in Cubase, (not in VEPro) there’s no way to do this because there’s no command in the PLE for it, and following the PLE preset with a macro containing the single command, Enable/Disable Track does not work, because the macro runs without regard to the filter result.

(I can’t tell if you (OP) want to disable tracks in Cubase AND VEPro or just VEPro)

Thanks Steve…after checking out the PLE more in detail, you’re right there’s no command to achieve this.

My workaround is to use the Keyboard shortcut feature in Mac OS to assign key commands for Disable and Enable.

Really? You’re talking about Mac OS seeing the menu in Cubase and the user being able to assign a keystroke? If so, what menu item are you linking?

Damn, I spoke too fast, it does not work. This method works fine in PT. Under Mac OS keyboard shortcuts, I simply associate the app and function to a shortcut, see pic. I guess CB does not allow third party apps to access the key commands.

Do you have any other suggestions ?


Got it working :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve and Martin!

How? Can Mac OS see context menus? And which item does it display?

I ask because the menu you show in the pic actually changes depending on the selection. If the selected track is enabled the menu says “disabled” and vice versa. (I’m trying to learn something)