Disable Enter key starts playback

Anyone know a way to disable the current behavior where Wavelab starts playing when you hit the “Enter” key? Frequently I’ll enter info into a text box (plugin parameters, clip names, etc) and when I hit “Enter” to enter the value, the value gets entered and the transport starts playing (or interrupts playback and starts playing again from previous cursor location) - this behavior is really annoying. Any way to disable? I don’t see this as a key entry in Shortcuts or I would do it there.


I don’t know of a solution for this but would welcome one. I think over the years I have just gotten in the habit of pressing RETURN instead of ENTER which works.

The text gets locked in, but the transport is not affected.

Yes, I’ve been trying to make myself use return instead of enter in WL - it’s just that “enter” is so ingrained in my muscle memory at this point and is still the key to use for text entry in every other audio app (and really every Mac app) I work with on a daily basis. Seems like a more reasonable behavior would be when you’re in a text entry box, “Enter” would just enter the value, then when you’re not in a text entry box it could behave like it does now and start playback - that would at least make sense and operate the way every other Mac app works.

Would be nice if at least the “Enter” shortcut were included in Keyboard Shortcuts so one could change/disable.

I hear you. I have a feeling that this is a byproduct of WaveLab being a Windows-only app for so many years first. Maybe PG will have an idea/solution.

No, this shortcut is a Steinberg “standard”.

Use the Return key.

Just a question, because I’m really confused…

Which enter/return key are you talking about? I thought the “play” command was attached to the one on the numpad. Or is yours playing with the one to the right of the apostrophe?

It’s entirely possible that I’m just confused because I haven’t used a keyboard with a numpad in like 15 years…but I have to ask.

On a standard Mac full size keyboard (not a laptop) the Enter key is on the keypad, the one to the right of the apostrophe is a Return key.

Full size keyboard for life. I even bought one of these for when I’m doing work on my laptop with the smaller keyboard:

I was talking about Enter on the Numeric Pad.

Yay! I feel much less dumb now. I guess that enter key is convenient if you’re inputting a lot of numbers.

Like I said…it’s been a long time since I used a full-size keyboard. I’m very, very happy with a 36 to 44 key ergo keyboard plus this programmable thing that I have just for WL (it’s based on Justin’s stream deck setup, but it’s a very different keyboard)…I kind of forgot that the numpad enter was what my play button actually does under the hood.

OK, fair enough, but it doesn’t seem like it should start/restart play when you’re entering values into text/numeric entry boxes, no? Seems like it should enter the value. A subsequent press of enter when not in an entry box would then start/restart play normally - I mean the space bar doesn’t start/stop play if you’re entering text/values - seems Enter should behave similarly. Just my $0.02.

This is right. Normally this should not start playback. Where does it happen inside WaveLab? (note that WaveLab can’t control what happens inside plugins UI).

Well, it’s definitely all plugin data entry boxes (including Steinberg’s), not sure about which other text entry boxes behave this way, but I seem to recall running into it elsewhere.

In any case, rather than screw around with this anymore, I just remapped the “enter” key to “return” with Keyboard Maestro and that seems to solve the annoyance - I’ll see if there’s any functionality I miss without having a true “enter” key.

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