Disable FX Channels? Global Bypass Sends?

Hi all,
When I’m performing a Re-Mix, I would prefer to have the FX channels, where I have my Reverb returns, disabled, so they’re not accidently turned on without my being aware.
If there is a Global bypass of all sends, that would work, also, but the disabling would be preferred.
Thank you


You could route the output of all your FX Channels to one Group Channel, and then Mute just to Mute the Group Channel.

Does this work to you?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply.
No. It’s the Muting, or pulling down of the faders that is the issue. Having the FX channels active interfers with my mixdown process. I will probably have to continue to try to be dilligent about checking their status.
It would be nice if there was a button at the beginning of each row of the channels that could be used to turn off ALL Inserts or Sends, etc.

Or just use the global bypass for Sends, Inserts, EQ and Strips? right on top in the mixconsole?:mrgreen:
You can even assign key commands