Disable group tracks

I use group tracks for electric guitar, where several mono tracks are sent to a stereo group with amp-sim+fx. Is it possible to disable group tracks? I like to disable tracks to have them ready in a project, so they are quickly available for use. I find this is faster than having presets. Or is it a smarter/better way to do this?


Unfortunately you cannot disable Group/FX (actually an automation) tracks.

Is there any other way to set it up? Can I use anything other than group tracks for example?


In theory, you could use the Group without the effects and then use another Audio track (with the plug-ins) and set the Group’s output as an input of the Audio track. If you would enable Monitor on the Audio track, it would work the same as the Group. You can disable the Audio track. But, the down side is, the Audio track would always work in real-tine (as Monitor is enabled), if the track would be enabled. So it would be really CPU hungry and the track delay compensation will not be applied, same as ASIO-Guard. So at the end, this would eat quite some CPU resources, once you would use it.

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