Disable "Input/Output Channels" folder

Hey folks,

with the recent update 8.2 we get this new folder automatically created on the channel list. It is super annoying to delete this on every single project. I liked the old style better where I enable “Write” on the input or output channel to make it appear in the channel list.

Is there a way to disable this folder? I couldn’t find anything in the preferences.


Was wondering the same thing. I thought I made some config mistake and couldn’t find the option. Seems it’s one of those instances where either this “feature” is new, or setting was overwritten with the 8.2 update.


This new way is so much better for me.
I never write automation to outputs, but might want to insert plug ins there. Before it was only possible only from mixer.

You could do it before too. If you active the write automation mode in inouts or outputs, they appear in arrange. So when needed they are. Now they appear when no needed.

I know that. Better this way for me.

Save a project template without them in there.

I find even if i delete it from a project, when i reopen it, it will reappear next time I open it.