"Disable MIDI faders" option

Hi all
Been thinking lately about the whole of MIDI volume management issue with Mixers and Remote Control devices.
The MIDI organization never defined default (nor even recommended) values for CC’s.
Hence this mess in Cubase and other DAWs to handle the mixer fader values: as opposed to audio strip faders which can show the current volume value, Cubase can’t know the default value for a given VST (or even VST preset) instrument MIDI volume (CC7), and thus shows an “Off” value which can easily be confused with a value of 0.

Even worse, if you accidentally (using the Mixer or a remote control device) move the volume fader of a MIDI track, there is no way you can “undo” that because you (or your DAW) can’t know the default value used in the VST.

Using the CC7 is not good practice for that reason. If you need to vary the volume during a performance, you can always use the expression (CC11), which is meant for that, and use audio output to change the overall volume of your track (now one can argue that CC11 does not have an official default value either, but the use here is different and CC11 cannot -usually…- be accidentally changed by a fader)

SO my feature request is to have an option (checkbox) in the Cubase Preferences to automatically disable the use of Mixer faders for the MIDI tracks. This should be applicable to Remote Controllers as well of course. However if CC7 is used in the track, then faders could be used to reflect the CC7 value that has been explicitly set in the MIDI track (or via automation).


You can enable/disable any track type in MIDI Remote. So you can exclude MIDI Tracks, they will not be controlled. In the MixConsole, you can hide all MIDI Tracks by using the Visibility Agents.

Hi Martin. Do you mean you don’t bind them in the js script? How do you know they are midi tracks? Right now I am using a script developed by m.s and it does not seem possible.

This has nothing to do with my problem. I am using a control surface (keylab mk2). If a fader bank is selected, all the faders are bound to the tracks in that bank, whether they are visible or not.


In the MIDI Remote API > MixerBankZone, you can:

  • includeAudioChannels()
  • includeInstrumentChannels()
  • includeSamplerChannels()
  • includeMIDIChannels()
  • includeFXChannels()
  • includeGroupChannels()
  • includeVCAChannels()
  • includeInputChannels()
  • includeOutputChannels()
  • includeWindowZoneLeftChannels()
  • includeWindowZoneRightChannels()
  • excludeAudioChannels()
  • excludeInstrumentChannels()
  • excludeSamplerChannels()
  • excludeMIDIChannels()
  • excludeFXChannels()
  • excludeGroupChannels()
  • excludeVCAChannels()
  • excludeInputChannels()
  • excludeOutputChannels()
  • excludeWindowZoneLeftChannels()
  • excludeWindowZoneRightChannels()

He did a great job!

But if you do that, don’t you also disable the buttons (and the knobs)? Here we only want to disable the faders…


Yes, you would skip all MIDI tracks from the MixConsole.