Disable mixdown to "Mixdown folder"

When exporting a wave or mp3, Cubase automatically creates a mixdown folder inside my project, where it offers to immediately save the mix.

Because, for example, I don’t want to export a demo mix or a premaster to a folder where the final mixes can be located.
Question: Please tell me, is it possible to turn it off somehow?

Not sure I quite understand, but click the down arrow, and choose any directory you like. It will remain.

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I am building a project from scratch. The time has come to kick out my demo.
And as soon as I call the “Export Audio Mixdown” menu, a folder called MIXDOWN is already created in the project.

It turns out that the very call of the mix export window creates this folder. Can I make sure that this folder is not created at all?

If you change it once, it should suggest the same folder the next time.
And you can change it to your likes.

As @steve already mentioned.

It is not in the project. This is a file dialog.

This is how a project folder is structured. There are no user options, afaik.