Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console



Ehh, -1

If you accidentally move a fader in cubase console just click ctrl + z

An option key like ALT and mouse wheeling will be fine for fader adjustments.

Such a good suggestion from Elias1957
(An option key like ALT and mouse wheeling will be fine for fader adjustments.)

Yes, please let us turn it off.
Since you can only use horisontal scroll on certain small areas in the console, very close to the fader, it is way too easy to affect the faders.

Have you ever used Apple Magic Mouse in Cubase? It’s a nightmare! This mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel, so very often a usual click with some lightly slipping results in lightly scrolling. On the other hand, the scrolling effect has some inertia in Cubase – you scroll, move the mouse – to another element and it’s also being scrolled (even though you haven’t touch it). Nightmare!! Please give us the setting to activate mouse scrolling only with some option key.

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This is specially annoying for us Cubase Elements users. We don’t have undo in the mixconsole, and any accidental movement of the faders must be fixed manually, but if you don’t remember exactly where the fader was, you’ll have to guess.


This is a good one, it is a workflow killer for some of us.


New to Cubase and absolutely hate this.


As I’m new here…

Seems to me that plenty of people find the mouse wheel scrolling to be problematic so I was just wondering if Steinberg take notice of these forums and actually follow these thread?

Do they ever participate or acknowledge that they might be aware of these types of issues?

Matthias from Steinberg has been active on this forum lately, soliciting requests. Regarding this problem, I believe people have been complaining about this design flaw on this forum for at least five years, going back at least as far as Cubase 8.



I was really close o buy Nuendo10 but this absurd behavior causes so many accidental fader movement that makes me ask if a really wish mix with Nuendo. I’m also a Logic Pro an Pro tools user and none of this DAWs has this issue.


A slight correction: the mouse wheel shouldn’t be disabled when the cursor is over the mix console. Instead, it should be given a useful purpose: to scroll the mix console. Disabling it completely wouldn’t make much sense.

+1000. It would make the Apple Magic Mouse almost usable with Cubase! :slight_smile: