Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console

So weird that this hasn’t been fixed in many, many years – it seems to be a very simple request that so many people here want, for a very good reason. It’s a very major issue. I would be very disappointed and tired out to not see it addressed finally in 10.5.

Still not fixed in 10.5!
Please, this is such a PITA!

+1, a true workflow killer. There is always some “fear” in my mind when hovering over the mix console. Can change a mix without notice.


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this scroll functionality is good for people with RSI and those sensitive to excessive clicking and dragging for precise adjustments. With a modifier key could be an option if it doesn’t replace zoom/scroll functions.

+1 on this, and I wouldn’t even personally use this feature, I’ve just seen people asking for years, I can understand why the current behaviour would frustrate them immensely, and it’s amazing it hasn’t been implemented yet. I feel the same way about vertical zooming in the main project window with a mousewheel+modifier.

…I don’t think anyone was seriously suggesting that Steinberg forcibly disable it for everyone! Simply a preferences option where you can disable it if you choose. The OP should have made that clearer though I guess.

Agreed, I’m sure that a preferences option is what most reasonable people are proposing here.

However sometimes ‘the squeaky door gets the oil’ at whatever cost. And I witnessed this functionality disabled in Logic within the mixer semi-recently (scroll adjust is now only possible in the inspector - an even worse problem in logic with the small mixer and send knobs ui)

So I felt it was worth adding ergonomics to the thread as one valid counter argument on the off chance the same might happen in Cubase.

My guess that the reason it’s not implemented is that it’s a classic example where something seems simple but there is an explosion of concerns. Is this hypothetical preference handled globally for every slider or case by case? If case by case, each users expectations are different and the user experience suffers. (User x accidentally scrolls fader’s in the inspector area and now wants an option there)

Do you actually have to override native user input methods that exist within the operating system? if so then I look forward to the resulting bugs. Baffling scenarios like the Logic example begin to make sense, because in pleasing everyone sometimes the health of software gets worse/more complex/buggy so developers decide to cut way or the other.

Also, I hope all Cubase users know they have the best mixer of all DAWs by a long, long, long way (my biased opinion of course!)

I totally agree, one of the best inconvenient mixers of all DAWs :smiley:




I can’t even say how much we need this feature.

It needs to happen.

Thank you for implementing very soon.

Hopeless, guys… I’ve been a fan of this feature and asked Steinberg to implement it for a long time. After upgrading version 10.5 I was very upset after I had realized that the feature was not implemented. Besides sound engineering, I’m a software developer so I tried to look into the problem and imagine how it could be solved. What I understood: it’s not an easy thing to implement without affecting other things. The Apple mouse is a very unusual and complex controller, programmers should learn it in-detail to adapt it to Cubase – and there’s no guarantee that the next Apple Mouse version will be different. Now I understand you, Steinberg – if it was as easy as adding colors to Console it would’ve been done already.

Decided to sell my Apple Mouse :frowning:

+1 - so easy to mess things up because the mouse pointer is accidentally somewhere wrong


I would like to add, it would also be fine for me if they’d implement a modifier for scrolling in the mixconsole. Like alt+scroll. This way you could stil scroll your faders and the mixconsole simultaneously without disabling anything or moving to another area. I like working with my mouse scroll on faders, but I would also like to scroll in the mixconsole. There must be a solution to combine these needs.

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But then they should comunicate that to their customers. I think thats the main problem here. I am pretty sure a lot of people would understand if they’d explain the situation.

+1 for the alt+scroll shortcut

Doesn’t everyone use Shift+Scroll in the mixer to scroll left/right or have I missed something?! :mrgreen:

Shift+scroll is in the arrange view. In the mixer you only have the small scroll bar at the bottom which works with normal scroll. Would be much better though when they implemented a modifier key so you could scroll everywhere in the mixer.
And please, when doing that, make it scroll faster. It’s way to slow as it is now.