Disable mouse wheel gestures inside the MixConsole.

Is there a way to disable mouse wheel gestures inside the MixConsole?

E.g currently moving the wheel over a Send, modifies the Send value.
Since there’s no Undo for Mixer changes, I find this feature destructive and annoying.

Can it be disabled?


I’m afraid, there is no way, how to disable it.

mmm… I guess I’ll just have to be more careful with the mouse in this area of the screen…

It’s not just an issue in mixconsole either. I’ve messed up parameters in the project window trying to scroll tracks. Best case solution - stopping everything and reverting, worst case - not realizing something has changed until several saves later.

This was discussed a couple of years ago in the forum. A pref to disable mouse wheel changes was suggested. Undo has also been requested for years. It took over two years to fix a simple pre-roll bug that was discussed and reported repeatedly through several versions, so probably realistic to just consider it a hazard working in Cubase if you don’t want to add to your frustrations. Best of luck however if you decide to make that arduous trek down the yellow brick road to Steinberg customer support. Just be prepared to do battle with the issue parsing sentries. You’re more likely to find out what’s wrong with the phrasing of your request if the curtain parts at all. Clicking your heels might be more productive and definitely more fun.

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I do agree there should be a preference to disable scroll wheel as well as undo in the mixer. I was very disappointed when I discovered the lack of these two features when I switched to Cubase.