Disable Mouseclick Chime

Hello. I did a search for this topic, but the forum decided that the words were “too common” to bother with.

I just started using the Cubase LE 5 that came with my Zoom R8 recorder. Whenever I click on something like “Add Track”, it makes an earsplitting bell sound, ear-damaging in headphones and like a gunshot in speakers.

I’ve searched every menu for some way to disable this, but no luck. I can’t use Cubase if this continues - I just can’t stand that blast of noise. Any help would be much appreciated.

Bill Markwick

You need to turn off window sounds (assuming you’re using windows) it’s OS dependent so not a cubase setting.

Go to windows control panel/sound (or similar) and set windows sound to none.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll use Windows. It’s surprising that there isn’t a switch in the preferences - that sound is really loud.


I checked every setting I could find in Control Panel. Nothing gets rid of the mouseclick noise without killing the audio itself.

It isn’t OS-dependent, unless there’s some secret setting. Does the noise end up on the recording? That’s a good question. I haven’t been able to make it record yet because it’s so user-hostile. It especially doesn’t like the Zoom R8 driver on either my Win7 or XP laptops.

Bill Markwick

Google “how to turn off windows sounds” this is your problem!

Go into System Sounds and click the Sound tab. Scroll down to Windows Explorer and change Start Navigation to None. That will likely fix it. Good luck.