Disable multiple Tracks?

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I have multiple audio tracks in folders and would like to mass-disable them all… How?


Highlight tracks, you know ctrl+left click
Next right click a highlighted track
Choose disable tracks

It can only be done in the main window

Thx! But, I can’t just select all the (closed) folders and tell Cubase to disable all the tracks inside?

the folders I think you can’t.
But you can disable all the tracks inside a folder, or in the project window, at once and this saves a lot of time

“To select a continuous range of tracks, Shift-click the first and last track in a continuous range of tracks.” then right click and disable them all

Ah, okay, thx all!


It may be possible to construct a macro to disable all the tracks in a folder (not at my DAW so can’t check).

Actually I have found the fast way, you can disable all the tracks within folders easily.

In the above menu select, project, track folding, unfold tracks. In this way all your folders are unfolded and all tracks displayed in the project window.

Click the first track in your project, shift-click the last track in your project, it doesn’t matter if they belong to different folders. Now all tracks are selected and also folders and groups in between. Right click one of the tracks and disable tracks. All tracks of the project are disabled

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This is it, thx! :wink: :metal:

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