Disable Musical Mode when Importing in Cubase 8.5

Hi, does anyone know how to disable it by default? I have to manually click on each box and hit the music note and this can be very tedious.


You can select all Audio events, and disable it at once in the Info View of the Project window.

Thank you but I’m new to Cubase. Can you tell me how to get to the Info view? I only know how to do it by clicking on each individual track.


Click to the 2nd button (Window Setup Layout) in the toolbar of the Project window, or press Shift + F2, or move your mouse cursor to the top border of the Project window. In every case, a list of Parts of the Project window appears. Enable Info View here.



This is not about the audio data mode (Linear/Musical). This Preferences is about the Track Time Type, what is different thing.

You’re totally right - thought the OP was asking about musical mode for tracks, not events. Deleted my post :wink: